About George Saadeh's Wurts Interiors

Wurts Contract Furnishers, Inc. was established in San Francisco, California in 1937. Its founder, Harold C. Wurts, operated the business by supplying residential and commercial interior design products such as floor coverings, bedding, appliances, office furniture and window treatments. He moved the business to San Diego in 1955.

In 1974, he sold the business to George and Carolyn Saadeh. The Saadehs brought vast floor covering experience from family owned and operated carpet mills on the East Coast. The business was renamed "Wurts Carpets and Interiors" that year.

Today, Wurts Interiors is located in beautiful Old Town, San Diego. The showroom consists of exquisite and unusual products from all over the world. George Saadeh's Wurts Interiors is your destination for the finest interior design options in San Diego. In fact, we offer a charming full-service interior design boutique-style showroom with unique, hand-selected products from all over the world that will distinctively and exquisitely complement any home or office.  
We bring a talented and skilled in-house interior design team to the table that will work with you on a plan that best suits your style and budget. Using the latest technology, our interior designers expertly design your project while facilitating and coordinating contractors on your behalf. Your project is truly managed from start to finish!

Scheduling multiple contractors enables us to complete your project efficiently and quickly. In the end, the remodeling process will have little impact on your daily life. Superior project management and excellent customer service combine to deliver beautiful finished work on time.

Wurts Interiors is also proud to offer honest, everyday pricing without any fine print, hidden charges or extra fees. You can trust that we are providing the very best offer because we value you and your business.

George Saadeh’s Wurts Interiors in San Diego strives to meet your every residential and commercial interior design need and is your destination for the finest interior design in San Diego.

Experience the Unusual in Design

The saying from Red Adair goes, "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."

At Wurts Interiors, we believe this sentiment is true. Sometimes remodeling projects uncover hidden problems that aren't seen during the initial inspection, and often "DIY-ers" get stuck when encountering these hidden problems, leaving projects unfinished for several months. Ultimately, a professional will be needed to come in and finish the job, and you’ll be left paying even more to put your home back together.

You can trust George Saadeh's Wurts Interiors with your home or office - we have the expertise and experience to get each project done right and on time, saving you money from the start. Our interior designers work with you from start to finish and are there to talk to the contractors on your behalf. Our contractors are employed at the same time to limit the intrusion of the construction in your daily life and move the project along quickly and efficiently.

Our customer service, quality products and expertise make George Saadeh's Wurts Interiors so special and unique; we put our customers first, every time, because we understand our customers are our family.

Be a part of our family today; call us and experience the unusual in design!
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